Testimonials and Partners

Premier Shoes & Locksmith

For more than 80 years Premier Shoes, located at the top of Kloof Street Cape Town, have helped to keep the residents of Cape Town and suburbs on the move. Starting out as a traditional cobbler the company now supplies quality luggage, handbags and the traditional key-cutting has grown into a fully-fledged and fast growing residential and business Security business with multiple professional teams available for on-site installations of locks, security gates, alarms, CCTV surveillance etc.

Speediwash is an agent of Premier Shoes for shoe, boot and bag repairs, and Premier Shoes is an agent of Speediwash for laundry services. Both companies complement each other they share the same core values of quality customer service in a friendly atmosphere.



One of the first tasks when taking over the business in December 2014 was to find a suitable POS (point-of-sale) software provider in order to offer a more professional service to our clients, and to help with managing the workflow. We discovered a youthful ‘start-up’ in India developing software to help the family dry cleaning and laundry business. After many Skype sessions and email conversations we took the plunge in March 2015 and have never looked back. They have terrific support, rock-hard stability and always ahead of the game with their innovations.


Lead Laundry & Catering

When we took over the company end 2014, the equipment was already antique, so over the few years we have been …..


Hand Salon


Atlantic Dry Cleaners


Woolworths Head Office