Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Stain Removal is an important and integral part of our business. Stains are removed before the cleaning process. Small stains will be removed if ‘spotted’, but not all garments are inspected closely before being placed in the washing machine. If there are stains on garments these should be pointed out by the client when booking in, and very importantly, the cause of the stain should be mentioned.

We have a number of different stain removal agents, and if the right one is not used, the stain may be aggravated further.

Common stains are: Blood, Wine, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Grease, Oil, Cosmetics, Ink, Glue, Nail Polish, Perspiration and Paint.

Bleach Marks

A misconception is that a bleach mark is a stain and can therefore be removed. Bleach spilled onto coloured fabric causes discolouration and permanent damage to the fibres.

It is possible to recover the garment by dyeing it, but if the bleach mark has substantially lightened an area, there is a good chance the dye colour will be lighter on that area. The only dye colour option in this case would be black. If bleach marks are small and not in immediate sight a fabric marker pen could be used to colour the spots provided it is a close colour match.