Softwash® / Wet Cleaning alternative to Dry Cleaning

Shafieka and Elspeth with Wetcleaning system

SoftWash Wet CleaningThe most disruptive technology in the garment cleaning industry for many decades has taken place over the last few years with the introduction of Wet Cleaning replacing Dry Cleaning. Dry Cleaning uses a solvent chemical called perchloroethylene or PERC for short. Perc has been classified as toxic and a likely carcinogen by the US EPA (Environment Protection Agency). By 2020 all residential dry cleaning establishments in the USA must stop using PERC.

This regulation prompted manufacturers to research into alternative solutions which are more environmentally friendly. ‘Wet Cleaning’ is the outcome. This uses a small amount of water together with a blend of environmentally friendly solvents and special purpose washers and dryers controlled by computer so that the right solution mix, agitation, temperature and time is set for the type of fabric/garment to be cleaned.

Speediwash is proud to be one of the early adopters of this technology in South Africa. We installed our Softwash® Wet Cleaning equipment in August 2017, manufactured by Alliance who are globally the leading laundry equipment supplier and manufacturer of the Speed Queen range, and supplied locally by Lead Laundry & Catering. Softwash® Wet Cleaning is Alliance’s brand name for their Wet Cleaning technology. See for further information.


The SoftWash® Wet Cleaning Process


Coat – Short
Coat – Long/Winter
Dress – Short/Casual
Suit (2 piece)

There may be additional charge for stain removal.

Prices are not always current, so kindly check with the laundry on latest prices.