laundry folding

We pride ourselves on our same-day laundry services having 6 washing machines, 3 extractors and 9 tumble dryers giving us the capacity to handle urgent and large volume jobs. Normal turn-around time is 6 hours (drop-off by 09:30 for pick-up by 16:30), however in winter, when we are extremely busy. this may not be possible. We do offer an Express service at 20% extra for a shorter turn-around between 3 hours and 6 hours.

Unless specified otherwise by the client all items will be machine washed at normal water temperature and machine tumble-dried.

Laundry for machine wash/dry is priced by the weight of the load. All loads are machine washed and dried separately from each other. There is no mixing of loads from other clients.

At the time of drop-off the client is issued with a computer generated ticket describing the work to be done and the price. There may be some work which cannot be priced up-front – examples are ironing where the client asks us to iron all shirts and tops, or where alteration and mending price is dependent upon sourcing a specific type of fabric or set of buttons. This will be clearly pointed out the client so there will be no surprises when it comes to paying. The ticket should be kept in a safe place. If there are any queries related to the service, the ticket number will identify the customer and work done.

Laundry List – We encourage our customers to include a laundry list which records all the items in the wash load. At the time of sorting, we create our own (internal) list, and compare it with the customer list. If there is a discrepancy we will phone the customer to clarify the difference.

Stains – Items in the load are inspected for stains before washing, and if the stain is slight they will be removed without charge. If there is a stubborn stain there will be a small charge for removal.

Separating Colours – It is normal to create 2 loads for clothing splitting whites and coloured garments to minimise the possibility of colour running into the white clothes. We will spit the load into 2 separate loads unless given instruction otherwise, and charge appropriately.

There is an option to add Softener to each load, for a small charge, or if the client brings his/her own we will add at no charge.

Hand Washing and Hang Drying may be a preference/requirement for some items as they may shrink or be damaged by the intensity of the washing machine or tumble dryer. The onus is on the client to notify us of any item in the load to be laundered by hand. There is a separate charge for each item hand-washed.

Once the washing load is dried, each item is meticulously folded into a parcel with large items at the bottom and small items on the top. The wash load parcel is checked against the laundry list in order to minimise ‘strays’..

Each washing load is wrapped in biodegradable brown paper (not plastic – our contribution to the environment), the client’s name written on the parcel for easy identification and a copy of the computer printed ticket is attached to the parcel for further identification, and the parcel stored on the shelf ready for collection.

Whilst we are very careful to ensure no item strays from a load, very occasionally a small item such as a sock or a handkerchief may ‘stray’. To prevent this we do encourage clients to place small items in a perforated washing bag and include with the load. We do carry a small stock of these bags which we can supply for a small charge.

Hot Wash or Cold Wash – our normal wash is a cold wash and works very well for all types of washable fabrics. A cold wash minimises colour runs. A hot wash is at 60°C and may be requested for particularly dirty loads or health requirements.

Cooking Fat/Oil or Massage Oil on Garments – If the clothes are heavily soiled or contain cooking fats, oils or massage oils and go straight into the wash/dry process the clothes may catch fire either during the hot drying process or afterwards if folded before cooling. It is imperative we are informed of this type of soiling at time of booking so was can recommend actions to remove the fats or oils. We would normally soak overnight with a dissolving solution and then perform a hot wash.

To help save the environment we encourage the use of reusable laundry bags instead of plastic bags. We do carry a small stock of large and medium size, very durable polypropylene bags with top zip.

Washing, Drying & Folding per Load – 4kg/6kg/8kg
60° Hot Wash per Load – 4kg/6kg/8kg
60° Heavily Soiled Hot Wash w/Prewash – 4kg/6kg/8kg
Dry Only per Load – 4kg/6kg/8kg


There may be additional charge for stain removal.

Prices are not always current, so kindly check with the laundry on latest prices