Carpet and Rug Washing / Cleaning

Whilst we will attempt most carpets and rugs, some can be difficult to work with as colours may run, there may be very heavy stains, the dirt may have been trodden in over many years, the carpet/rug may be damaged and so the job can take 2-3 weeks to do properly, and will be priced accordingly.

The maximum size we can accommodate is 2.5mx3m.

Carpets and Rugs are hand and machined cleaned outside with the help of an industrial carpet shampoo machine, and dried on sturdy clothes lines. If there are heavy stains or deep dirt in the pile, the carpet will be hand spotted and may be cleaned several times. The drying process itself can take several days and is dependent upon the weather, so a continuous week of sunny weather will help to lessen the time taken.

Before we are able to quote a price, the article should be brought to the laundry for inspection.